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Dr Annette Macleod

Wellcome Senior Research Fellow
University of Glasgow, Scotland

Wellcome Senior Fellow, University of Glasgow, UK
Prof. Annette Macleod is a Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow and a co-founder of TrypanoGEN. She wrote the original successful application for TrypanoGEN I, together with Enock Matovu, Christiane Hertz-Flower and Bruno Bucheton in 2012. Her involvement in TrypanoGEN stems from the deep-routed interest in understanding the genetics of both host and parasite and how they interact to determine disease outcome and arose from her longstanding collaborations with the other TrypanoGEN PIs and it is this close working relationship between the PIs that is core of TrypanoGEN’s success. Annette is a member of TrypanoGEN’s steering committee and supervises the expert bioinformatician, Harry Noyes, who in turn supervises the training bio-informaticians and advises and trains the PhD students. As part of TrypanoGEN’s commitment to capacity building, Dr. Macleod has hosted two African TrypanoGEN scientists in her laboratory in Glasgow for extended periods, and acts as sponsor for one African TrypanoGEN scientist in his fellowship application. She is a senior author on TrypanoGEN’s first association study publicaton in eLife, examining the relationship between APOL1 alleles, chronic kidney disease and trypanosomiasis. Annette has represented TrypanoGEN at the H3Africa meetings and presented TrypanoGEN’s data to the meeting at the NIH and acted as depute to Enock Matovu in his capacity as member of the H3Africa steering committee.


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Annette Macleod
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