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Bruno Bucheton

Dr Bruno Bucheton

Institut de Recherche pour le Développement
France and National Sleeping Sicknes Control Program, Guinea

Dr.  Bruno Bucheton is a research officer working at the French « Institut de Recherche pour le Développement” (IRD) since 2003 and since September 2013, He is based in Guinea, as a scientific technical advisor, at the HAT National Control Program, Ministry of Health. His primary research topic is on trypanosomatid diseases epidemiology and control (visceral leishmaniasis and Human African trypanosomiasis), with a focus on the role of human genetic factors involved in the control of infection. He is particularly interested in the characterization of asymptomatic carriers and the study of their role in transmission maintenance. He has acquired an important expertise in field work and leading collaboration with African partners through long term expatriations in Sudan (1996-98), Burkina Faso (2007-2011) and Guinea (2013-present). In addition to leading basic research to improve our understanding of neglected tropical diseases epidemiology, He is also very much involved in translating research results into improved disease control strategies. He has since 2010 been a member of the WHO gambiense HAT elimination expert committee. In Guinea, he is also coordinating two important projects: one EDCTP project on HAT diagnosis (DiTECT-HAT; 2016-2020) and a BMGF project which aim is to eliminate HAT as a public health problem (Trypa-No!, 2017- 2019) in four countries. He was one of the co-founders of the TrypanoGen Network. Within this network he has been heavily involved in the development of the original application and then focused on leading the work and field studies led in Guinea. He has also been initiating the candidate gene study that was led across all countries from the network and participated in the training of PhD and Post-doctoral TrypanoGEN fellows.


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