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Dr Christiane Hertz-Fowler

University of Liverpool, UK

Prof Christiane Hertz-Flower is a Professor of Pathogen Genomics and Director of the Centre for Genomic Research (CGR), a high throughput genomics facility that offers access to 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing platforms and computational analyses. Her primary research focus is on neglected tropical diseases, in particular trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis. She is interested in the role that host genetics plays in susceptibility to, and disease progression, of trypanosomiasis in African populations and she is a co-founder of TrypanoGEN network, developing the original successful application for TrypanoGEN I with Enock Matovu, Annette MacLeod and Bruno Bucheton in 2012. She is also funded by the Wellcome Trust to provide database resources for the integration of multi-omic datasets with manual annotation and curation for microbial eukaryotes – and importantly their hosts - to the wider scientific community. As part of the TrypanoGEN consortium, we have sequenced the genomes of 230 healthy volunteers from 4 different countries through the CGR. A system administrator in my group has helped design, procure and install the computer infrastructure that the TrypanoGEN has placed into CIRDES (Burkina Faso) and Makerere University (Uganda), as part of TrypanoGEN’s commitment to capacity building. The whole genome sequence data have been transferred for processing & analysis to CIRDES and Makerere University and (1) Enabled the TrypanoGEN post-docs to develop their informatics skills and (2) Fed into design of the custom H3Africa SNP  chip, in collaboration with the wider H3Africa network. Participation in the wider H3Africa initiative has also enabled her to contribute to two key working groups (Genome Analysis WG and the Analysis and Publications WG) and through that in turn, build new links. She has also represented TrypanoGEN at the biannual H3Africa meetings and presented TrypanoGEN’s data at the 2015 American Society of Human Genetics H3Africa-ASHG Satellite Session


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