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Ozlem Tastan Bishop

Rhodes University, Grahams town, South Africa

Prof. Ozlem Tastan Bishop received her BSc degree in Physics from Bogazici University, Istanbul, Turkey, and then moved to the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the same University for her MSc degree. She obtained her PhD from Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and Free University, Berlin, Germany in 2003. While doing her PhD, she became interested in structural biology, and during her postdoctoral positions (Texas University, University of Western Cape and University of Pretoria) she gained experience in structural bioinformatics as well as structural biology. In October 2009, she took up a senior lecturer position at Rhodes University, with the responsibility to develop postgraduate studies in bioinformatics at the University. She established Rhodes University Bioinformatics research group (RUBi) in 2010, and started one-year MSc programme in bioinformatics by coursework and research thesis in 2011 (unique programme in the country). Since October 2013, RUBi is a research unit (Research Unit in Bioinformatics). She has had good experience in attracting and successfully training outstanding students. Most of her students are supported by competitive fellowships from Rhodes University or National Research Foundation, South Africa. A number of her MSc students have graduated with Distinction, and many have been awarded PhD fellowships including well recognized international ones, such as Erasmus Mundus and TUBITAK, Turkey. She has graduated 6 Honours, 22 MSc and 5 PhD students of different race, nationality and gender since she joined Rhodes University in October 2009. Currently, she is supervising/co-supervising 16 students (9 PhD, 5 MSc and 2 Honours). It should be noted that her PhD students are supervised in a way to encourage and guide them to publish their research in high impact factor peer reviewed research journals prior to graduation. Her broad research interest is comparative genomics and structural bioinformatics. She initiated South African Society for Bioinformatics (SASBi), and became the first president of the Society (September 2012 – October 2014).



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