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Vincent Pius Alibu

CONAS, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.

Dr.  Pius Alibu obtained his BSc and MSc degrees in biochemistry from Makerere Univerisity (Uganda). Thereafter, he proceeded for a PhD in Molecular parasitology at The University of Heidelberg (Germany) where he studied mechanisms of drug resistance in Trypanosomes as well as development of RNAi technology in trypanosomes in the group of Prof. Christine Clayton. He then joined Prof. Mike Barret’s group at the University of Glasgow (UK) where he worked on identification, genetic and chemical evaluation of drug targets in trypanosomes. Specifically, he evaluated Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in the pentose phosphate pathway as a possible drug target. Thereafter, he joined the group of Prof. Jerry Sternberg at the University of Aberdeen (UK) where he worked on human immune responses to trypanosome infection. This involves collection of fresh human samples from Uganda and analyzing for cytokine responses for trypanosome infection as well as determining phenotypes of peripheral blood mononucleotides (PBMCs). He then obtained a postdoctoral fellowship under the Consortium - Ecosystem and Population Health, African Institution Initiative (Afrique One) that was supported by The Wellcome Trust at Makerere University. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry at Makerere University, a Co-PI in TrypanoGEN, a research network under the H3Africa Consortium. He is a member of the H3A Ethics and Governance Working Group representing the TrypanoGEN network. With other members of the Working Group, He is involved in developing policy documents and guidelines for genetic and genomic research in the consortium, for example guidelines for community engagement and informed consent. All these documents are available on the H3A website while related publications can be found on pubmed. He has special interest in the ethics of research involving human participants.


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